Flavors + Fillings + Options


Our cakes are made with the finest, freshest ingredients.

Each cake is baked fresh for the event at which it will be used.

We are proud to offer chocolate and yellow gluten free and egg free cakes.

Standard Cake Flavors

White Almond Sponge, French Vanilla Sponge, Banana Sponge, Mango Sponge,
Strawberry Sponge, Orange Sponge, Root beer Sponge and Chocolate Mocha Sponge,
​and Chocolate Fudge Sponge.


All cakes are filled and iced with your choice of either a delicious vanilla, almond, champagne, strawberry, banana, lemon, mango, orange creamsicle, peppermint, mocha, milk chocolate, dark chocolate or cinnamon flavored buttercream icing. Cathy's favorite is a delicious Guinness Buttercream which is wonderfully complimented by a rich chocolate cake. All of our cakes are then covered in delicious Satin Ice fondant offered in either vanilla and chocolate.


Compotes: Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, mixed berry or bananas foster.
Jellies: Raspberry, strawberry or lemon.
Others: Chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate peanut butter meltaways, or coconut pecan filling or your favorite candy!.

Specialty Cake Flavors*

*Please note, there will be a small up charge for specialty cake flavors
​and for orders that include more than two different flavors of cake.

Rocky Road Cake

This moist devil's food chocolate cake has a delicious filling of marshmallow,
fudge and your choice of walnuts, pecans or peanuts.

Apple Pie Cake

Delicious chucks of apple, cinnamon, nutmeg are all found in this amazingly
moist cake then paired with our delicious cinnamon buttercream.....a perfect combination!

Chocolate/Peanut Butter Meltaway Cake

We start with a dark, moist chocolate cake then add a filling of rich chunks
of chocolate/peanut butter meltaways.

Bananas Foster Cake

Starting with a moist devil's food chocolate cake combined with ripe,
flavorful banana this cake also has a brown sugar and banana filling.

Strawberry Raspberry Cake

This cake is a combination of moist strawberry cake
and white chocolate with a red raspberry filling.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Cake

Devil's food cake combined with coffee is the start to this amazing cake. Then for the filling we add a delicious and sweet coconut mixture and top it off with semisweet chocolate chips.

Snickerdoodle Cake

This cake a is treat for the taste buds with a rich, buttery Snickerdoodle
flavor topped with a cinnamon butter cream.

Chocolate Lovers' Cake

A moist chocolate cake combined with raspberries is the start to this rich chocolate treat.
We then add a dense, semisweet chocolate filling sure to delight the biggest chocolate lovers'!

Pumpkin Spice Cake

Our pumpkin spice cake offers all of the wonderful flavors of fall
​perfectly paired with our delicious cinnamon buttercream.

Looking for something different for your next event?

Why not wow your crowd with a fabulous gourmet cupcake tower or with a sampling of delicious cupcake truffles. The presentation is simple and elegant because the flavor speaks for itself. Our gourmet cupcakes and truffles are perfect for any occasion, big or small, where uniqueness, quality, and presentation are valued.

Basic cupcakes start at $2.00 each with a minimum purchase of 2 dozen per flavor.
Gourmet cupcakes run between $2.25 - $2.75 each with a minimum purchase of 2 dozen per flavor.
Mini cupcakes start at $1.15 each with a minimum purchase of 3 dozen per flavor.

Please contact us for pricing of fondant accent, fondant topped

and pour fondant covered cupcakes.

Frequently we are asked, "What are cake truffles?". Cake truffles are a delicious and perfect blend of your favorite cake and buttercream icing flavors rolled into a two or four bite piece then dipped in delicious chocolates! The combinations are endless and are always sure to be a hit! Cake truffles can be individually wrapped for the perfect favor for any event!

Small truffles start at $2.00 each with a minimum purchase of 3 dozen per flavor.
Large truffles start at $4.00 each with a minimum purchase of 2 dozen per flavor.
Please inquire about our custom shaped truffles to take your display to the next level!